How to improve SEO using Quora in 2022? – (Our Secret Tips)

Quora has been around for over ten years and has grown to become the most popular Q&A website in the past ten years and it has helped a lot of websites to improve SEO using Quora.

Additionally, Quora’s link policy permits users to link to the other sites provided that the backlink is pertinent and is not an affiliate marketing link or of harassment or sexual content.

Combining these elements created a site that is appealing for helping with SEO and also to increase referral traffic. With this guide, you’ll discover the most effective strategies for how to make use of Quora to boost SEO.

Is Quora helpful for SEO?

In the majority of chances, Quora can boost your ranking or bring visitors to your website via referrals. But it is crucial to understand that Quora backlinks will not do wonders in changing the rankings of an article that is found in a niche with a lot of competition.

There are many benefits to the use of Quora to help with SEO. However, methods like guest posting, or the Skyscraper method can have more effect on SEO even though they consume significantly additional time and effort.

What to do when using Quora?

Quora is a fantastic platform to begin the process of developing your site, and you don’t need to have a lot of authority backlinks. When performing off-page SEO, it is important to remember to make your process appear natural. That means you need to gradually increase the amount of lower authority links to higher authority links.

Is Quora useful for SEO?

Link building on Quora is efficient and can help your content to be indexable. In addition, it helps enhance rankings, which is the reason we advise you to use Quora to improve your SEO. It covers nearly every subject matter that you can think of and has an audience of around 180 million monthly users. In addition, the users are accessible for free which makes it a great site for startups and companies.

What’s good and what’s bad about Quora?

If you are deciding whether or not to utilize Quora to boost your SEO, the checklist of pros and pros and cons listed below is vital;


The main reasons behind making use of Quora as an opportunity to boost your site’s performance include:

It takes relatively little time.

Based on the strategy you employ, the amount of time and effort involved is not that much. Just 20 minutes of regular posting could generate traffic and earn you backlinks.

Based on the scope of your business, it may have the potential to get perceived as a reputable and experienced brand.

Backlinks for free

The hyperlinks you get from Quora are absolutely free. The only cost you can see is that you must write a thorough answer to a query and include your URL in a manner that isn’t too intrusive to avoid issues that are in line with Quora’s link policy.

How to improve SEO using Quora IN 2022? - (Our Secret Tips)

If you can provide detailed responses like in the above example, you’ll gain in a variety of ways:

  • Higher chance of Quora taking your offer
  • Building trust and making your users remember your name
  • The users are much more likely to click on your hyperlink

Referral traffic free of charge

An aspect that makes Quora an effective platform is that your links function as both backlinks and sources for traffic referrals at the same time. You can attract customers who are interested in your field to visit your website which will probably result in the highest conversion rates.

How to improve SEO using Quora IN 2022? - (Our Secret Tips)

Make your presence known

If you stay on Quora for a long time you’ll begin receiving “answers” and users will begin to remember the answers you provided are useful.

In this way, you may increase the number of customers who return, resulting in Organic Traffic, ultimately improving your SEO score further. In the end, Quora can be extensively used for boosting awareness of your brand as well as your online presence.


However, despite all the positives, there are a few disadvantages for using Quora that must be considered before making the effort to build your brand’s reputation on the platform:

Backlinks that are “weak”

One of the biggest issues with Quora’s link-building is that the backlinks come with a “nofollow tag”. This means they do not transfer the power of ranking directly to your site.

In turn, Google won’t see them as a powerful link, therefore don’t expect to rank for a hard keyword simply because you’ve got some backlinks from Quora.

Quora is becoming increasingly difficult to use for SEO

A slight decline in traffic

Since the middle of 2018, Quora’s traffic has been in a downwards trend and indicates that fewer users are visiting Quora to get the answers they need. It could be that Quora may have a smaller SEO impact in the near future as a result of a lower number of people visiting the site as well as asking and answering questions.

How to improve SEO using Quora IN 2022? - (Our Secret Tips)

Linking policies are becoming more stringent

There’s a growing trend for sites to adopt more strict linking policies as Google raises its expectations of their platforms. Quora has been able to tighten its linking policy several times over the last few several years and could be even more strict in the near future.

Competition is growing

Although Quora has a declining number of users, the number of businesses making use of Quora as a method of organic marketing is increasing, making the platform even more competitive for businesses to work within. This is a further threat to the questions you answer on their site.

Quora and SEO: How to improve SEO using it?

If you take a deeper look at the capabilities of Quora you’ll realize that there are many more options in SEO other than building backlinks.

Keyword research on Quora

On Quora, you will see questions that haven’t received a response online before, or at least not on blogs. Thus, you can write articles to address these concerns.

How to improve SEO using Quora IN 2022? - (Our Secret Tips)

The competition is likely to be minimal for these kinds of issues, which means that you can rank within the top 10 results, even if you are just starting a blog.

If your article receives enough interest on Quora the post could be included in Google’s algorithm. This means that your content could be displayed at the top of Google’s Google Search Results Page. Then, linking to your website can provide you with a large volume of traffic from organic sources.

How to improve SEO using Quora IN 2022? - (Our Secret Tips)

Quora keyword research guide

What is the easiest way for you to locate answers and keywords?

After you have signed on to the site, you can select areas that you are skilled in. Then the algorithm on Quora will provide ideas:

The suggestions will become better and better at responding to questions. In addition, the related questions tab is a great way to gather valuable data about keywords that could be targeted for your website. It is best to write down every question that matches your site’s content in a separate document so that you will be able to are able to remember them.

Is a question a keyword?

A commonly held belief is that questions aren’t really keywords. In reality, a query is merely a long-tail term. Long-tail keywords are sentences that have a certain quantity of monthly traffic with a low level of competition, meaning that even websites with just started can be targeted by these.

Answers & Keyword Variations that relate to this question

After you’ve identified a few potential keywords, it is important to consider keywords that have variations and related subjects. Two ways to locate the keywords are:


Note down any related terms and then create queries or search terms with long tails.

Tools for Keyword Research

Tools like Semrush typically have tools such as Semrush typically have a “related keywords” function, which allows you to discover the most relevant keyword. Below, you’ll find keyword variations that are related to “coffee machine”

How to improve SEO using Quora IN 2022? - (Our Secret Tips)

Is it better to target keywords or not?

Input the keyword in Google and then use a keyword search tool, check the competition and the volume of searches. If there is a low amount of competition however the keyword does receive some traffic, it is an article subject that could gain traffic.

For more details on how to analyze your competition, read this article about Keyword Research.

Take into consideration that topics with a lot of complexity include a large number of terms since users type a variety of search terms into engines.

Due to this, some keyword variations could appear like they’ve got low traffic, but in reality, the entire keyword variations can have an enormous potential for traffic.

Pro tip:

In lieu of thinking about the problem as a keyword, we suggest you read through the entire section of the answer and the full description of the problem. You will often find more keyword variations.


Let’s suppose you want to discover keywords that are related to the phrase “keyword research”. A search on Quora resulted in the following query;

“What is the smarter way to do Keyword Research?”

Below, you will see the answer while possible keywords are highlighted in the text.

Actually, it’s only one aspect of the issue and there are six intriguing terms you can conduct further research on.

How to improve SEO using Quora IN 2022? - (Our Secret Tips)

The next step is to think of relevant terms or queries and then write an inventory so that you are able to look over all the keywords you come up with.


  • More likely are users to click on your link
  • What is the ROI of your investment?
  • How to do competitor research
  • How do you create engaging content?
  • How do you appear at the top of Google?
  • How can you draw the right customers to your website?
  • Which is the most important aspect of competitor research?

Content Gap on Quora

To provide your website with the best user experience possible it is crucial to address all the important topics within your field of expertise. But what exactly are these topics? This content gap analysis using Quora could be a great help.

What does a gap in content mean?

In simple terms, the definition of a gap in content is a keyword or topic in your field that you haven’t yet tapped into. Content gaps are often difficult to identify as they require thinking outside the box. It is good news that Quora could be a simple solution.

There are two primary methods to identify the content gaps:


The manual method is similar to keyword research, but you’d search for keywords relevant to your field on which you haven’t published articles.

With Tools

If you’re suffering from Semrush and Ahrefs, you can accelerate the process and find gaps in content more frequently.

Step 1: Type Quora along with another competitor in Content Gap. Content Gap tool

Step 2: Study the Keywords that they are each ranked for.

Research competitors on Quora

What do you do if you don’t know the names of any competitors that are relevant to your site? Simply searching for “fitness” will only show you the most authoritative competitors, which you shouldn’t be able to identify with.

Because high-quality pages have a better chance of ranking for a particular keyword or gaining visitors in general and can therefore afford to target keywords with more competition. However, when you are a beginner website, your goal should be to focus on keywords that have a lower volume of searches and less competition, so that you are more likely to get ranked.

To identify these competitors with low authority to find them, search Quora for posts that are related to your area of expertise. After a while, you’ll begin to see answers that include links to other websites. They are typically the sites of the person who answered the question because they are using Quora to get backlinks.

It’s an excellent idea to look over their sites and content to look for keywords, but also suggestions on article structure, layout on websites, and content length.

Referral traffic from Quora

The good news is that Quora Backlinks don’t only aid in SEO and referral traffic. In the event that your link is useful and well-integrated, visitors will eventually visit your website to find more details on related issues.

How does referral traffic work?

External links or backlinks are classified as referrer traffic according to Google Analytics. The majority of website traffic that does not originate via a search engine but comes from a different website is considered to be referral traffic.

What is the best way to create a Quora post that will drive traffic to your website?

The following points are crucial to know how to increase traffic using Quora.

Posts of interest

Making visually appealing and simple-to-read articles should be the first goal when making use of Quora to help with SEO. The emphasis should be on providing useful content instead of trying to squeeze in a link to your site. It’s fine to reply to queries without linking back to your website since they are still helpful to increase brand awareness.

How to improve SEO using Quora IN 2022? - (Our Secret Tips)

To organize your answers, you must consider the other Quora users who are consistently ranked as answers with the highest ratings. If you’d like to maximize your use of Quora, it is best to view the answers more like an article rather instead of a quick Q&A response.

Here are some tips to improve your odds of getting the highest rated article;

  • Include Images
  • Use subheadings and paragraphs
  • Straight to the point
  • Answer in a concise manner inside the opening sentence
  • Do not overpromote your website

The importance of quality over quantity

When you answer questions on Quora, you should focus on quality over quantity. Try to write your answer to be more precise and easier to read than other answers. Your chance of getting a positive vote is increased, which will allow you to be the most popular answer.

Engage the public

In addition, your response must entice the reader to go to your site. This can be accomplished by providing a few details and noting the fact that they are in the article linked to. Another alternative is to discuss a similar topic, and then point out that the complete guide/answer can be located in the linked article.

Post regularly

The more frequently you answer questions, the greater the chance for users of Quora will begin to remember your name. This can also aid in answering more questions.

Learn how to become an authority on Quora

If you are consistently posting high-quality regular content there is a good chance you’ll soon be a reputable authority in your field. To be a reputable authority within your field, you need to make sure that you brand yourself and the content you post. Be sure to include a profile photo of yourself and create the writing style that sets you apart from other writers.

Back Link building with Quora

Although Quora’s links are marked with a “no follow” tag Google will accept Quora’s links as backlinks. This will assist to ensure that your content is found. Additionally, the referral traffic that is generated by the backlinks is likely to enhance your search results.

How to Create Quora Backlinks in 4 Easy Steps

The process of Link building on Quora can be broken down into just an only a few steps:

  • 1Find relevant questions
  • You must ensure that you have an article that is related to the topic.
  • Create an answer that provides value for the reader.
  • Embed your link

What do you need to do to set up Quora for SEO?

Setting up Quora to use for SEO is simple and can be accomplished in just a few steps.

Join via email, Google, or Facebook

Identify your niche’s related topics and interests.

Enter your keywords into the search bar and see if there are any related spaces. You might want to consider following them in order to improve your newsfeed as well as keep track of future questions.

How to improve SEO using Quora IN 2022? - (Our Secret Tips)

Obtain valuable content & answers

  • Search for niche related keywords
  • Utilize the topic/interest pages to search for answers to your questions (eg. /q/coffeelovers)
  • Make use of the tab for related questions
  • Be aware of the number of followers you have for any questions.

How to improve SEO using Quora IN 2022? - (Our Secret Tips)

Utilize the content gathered for SEO

  • Link Building
  • Promoting your content
  • Scan Text for Keywords
  • Find Competitor Sites
  • Use Answers to help you find content on your Website

The best alternatives to Quora for SEO

If you are feeling that Quora isn’t enough to help promote your site, there are other websites that can be utilized in a similar manner. In the majority of cases, Question and Answer sites and forums are the best options. Below, you will find a selection of the most popular options.

Yahoo Answers

Websites that answer questions like Yahoo Answers pose a decent alternative. However, Quora is still the most frequent Q&A website for SEO. Contrarily the lesser popularity of Yahoo Answers enables you to focus on topics that are not popular on Quora.


It is likely that everyone knows about Reddit as it is the most popular online community available. However, it can be difficult to advertise your content via Reddit because they are extremely strict in advertising other websites. However, Reddit’s users are extremely authentic, making the traffic extremely valuable when you can achieve it.


Stackexchange is a different Q&A website that has a large and engaged user base. It is more focused on education, technology, and science, meaning that it’s not suitable for every kind of website.

However, this makes the reader more informed and active. The traffic through StackExchange could be very effective in converting when your blog is connected to the topics they cover.

Niche Related Forums

The final alternative is to look up niche-specific forums. In 2022 alone, there will be users who are active in virtually every matter you can think of.

Although these sites may not provide the strongest backlinks, their customers will be more likely to convert because of their passion for the subject.

These forums will assist you to identify very specific and distinct keywords. They also can help you predict trends ahead of your competition. We suggest that you utilize only two forums at one time because your primary goal is to establish yourself as an authority on any of these forums.

Be sure to give valuable tips and get noticed prior to promoting your content. If you don’t, you could get exiled.


Quora for SEO isn’t dead in any way, but the method of how to utilize it has changed dramatically in the past few years. It is still powerful, especially when you are just beginning to get started managing blogs.

In the same way, it is essential that you diversify your SEO strategy by utilizing multiple techniques and platforms. If your backlinks aren’t diverse and search terms, your website may not perform as well.

We’d love to hear from you about your experiences using Quora and other Q&A websites to help with SEO.

Have you noticed the increase in traffic since the promotion of your brand using these social media platforms?

What percentage of your traffic is from these sites?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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